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  • Condolences to the families and friends of                                                                       *   Niles Tunberg, who passed away on Tuesday September 20th                  
           *    former LSV resident Clayton Foote who passed away on Saturday September 17th

Adrienne Matcham hosted  a catered celebration event for Roger Myette who has been presented with THE FRENCH MEDAL OF HONOR for his participation in WWII. The event was open to all LSV residents and took place on Friday October 14th. A joyous and unique occasion was attended by a full house, Roger receiving a standing ovation. For pictures from the event, click here.

        * LSV President Michael Barbour asks unit owners to look at a table and diagram that 
           provides a guide to help identify Hazard Insurance coverage responsibilities for unit
           owners. Click here to view the table and color picture
  • Following discussion at the April and May Board Meetings on Disaster Preparedness, a group of residents have followed up on replacing garage doors, regarded as a potential weak spot. This is an individual unit responsibility but by acting as a group, they hope to bring doors up to code at a discounted price. For further details click here.
  • For the LSV May, April, September & October 2016 Newsletters click here. For the Jan. Feb and March 2016 Newsletters  click here 
  • As reported by Stan Mitchell, a table of driveway evaluations and replacement rank order has been drawn up. Click here for an explanation and the table


We are continuing to update the LSV website; any suggestions would be gratefully received (email We removed Webpages for LSV Clubs no longer in operation. 
  • An LSV Forms page has been introduced so you can access forms both within and whilst away from LSV.  A new form (previously only usually available in the Manual) for booking the Clubhouse for private parties has been included.
  • The pages in the on-line Homeowners Manual, detailing Board member responsibilities, Committees and Membership, have been updated. 
  • The Rules & Regulations were updated in April 2016, the revised version being now on the website. New tennis rules were approved by the Board on May 17th
  • For the LSV Bylaws, as registered with the State of Florida,  click here
  • Our Social Committee program for 2016-17 was revised at the end of May:  click here
  • The LSV website hit counter on the left resets after 9999 visitors to the home page; so add 9999 to the counter to get the correct number. Since we started the website in 2009 we have had over 17,000 hits, an average of over 50 hits per week.

Our latest LSV trip to Tampa Bay Downs was on Sunday April 19th.2015. It was an exciting time for all.
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Measuring and mapping the depth; good job!
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