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LSV trip to Tampa Bay Downs, Sunday March 3rd
For a synopsis of the April 2014 Board Meeting, see the May 2014
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Note: the proposal re the fish restocking of the four Lakes is appended at the end of the May Newsletter Following generous donations from residents, the restocking took place over the summer

Synopsis of the Special Members Meeting November 19 (Adrienne Matcham)

The Special Members Meeting was held on Tuesday November 19th for voting on questions related to the 2014 Reserves. The meeting was very well attended. with 87 represented by means of a proxy, and with 48 in attendance, making a total of 136 members overall, well above the required quorum in order to conduct business at hand.

During the period of time required to tally the voting, Roger Myette offered a few words to clarify some of the recent flood insurance publicity.  The basic response was that  we ( L.S.V. ) have nothing to be concerned about. Reference was made to the small color coded map that indicates the various flood plains within the Community.

Budget 2014
The membership voted on three questions in reference to the 2014 Budget.
There was unanimous approval for Cross Utilization of Reserve Funds.
The number of votes in support of Full Funding of Reserves was 21.
The number of votes in support of Reduced Funding was 101.
The Quarterly assessment will be $1,157.00.